Plant Condition Management Software
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PCMS provides a high level of flexibility in reporting solutions. Users have the option of leveraging canned (pre-built) reports, internal PCMS report writers for ad-hoc reporting, or use of 3rd party report writers such as Crystal Reports. Reports in the program have flexible filter and search criteria, can be saved in a variety of file formats as well as emailed directly out of the application.

Canned Reports (pre-built)

A variety of canned reports are preloaded with PCMS. All canned reports offer a front end criteria page that query typical performance matrices. Canned reports range from Facility Management Reports, Corrosion Analysis, Anomaly Tracking, Safety Relief Valve Performance, and Visual Inspection Report Formats.

Basic Report Writer (Ad-Hoc)

The Basic Report Writer is a user friendly report writing tool that is wizard driven, allowing a novice user to easily create queries, layout reports, and export to others in the organization.

Web Reporting

PCMS Crystal Reports can be shared across the web for viewing and analysis by individuals who do not necessarily have access to PCMS. This solution is ideal for corporate personnel who need a means to track asset performance, review specific KPI (Key Performance Indicator) initiatives, or benchmark multiple facility performance. Web reports can be easily modified by the administrator and developed for specific company requirements.


Like PCMS Crystal Reports, Dashboards can also be shared across the web. Dashboards provide a visual representation of data statistics in real time.

Report Organizer

No matter what tool is used to build PCMS Reports, all reports can be loaded onto the PCMS Report Menu. The menu is customizable and security can be enabled to who can view or edit reports within the menu. Users can also create a My Reports tab for reports specific to an individual.