Plant Condition Management Software
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Corrosion Management

The Corrosion Management Module has been the foundation to PCMS for 25+ years. The module allows plant personnel to track wall thickness, corrosion rates, next inspection dates, and retirement dates on any type of asset. The patented risk and corrosion calculators analyze thickness data which is subjected to 20 different test case scenarios to determine the critical dates for each Condition Monitoring Location (CML) and corrosion circuit.

The Corrosion Management Module also integrates with the Risk Based Inspection (RBI) calculator in PCMS. All corrosion data is seamlessly fed into the RBI calculator providing the user a true evergreen RBI analysis. PCMS offers a variety of methods to set up inspection areas and capture corrosion data, including:

  • CML areas (Corrosion Monitoring Locations)
  • TML points (Thickness Monitoring Locations)
  • Corrosion Probe Readings
  • Corrosion Coupons

Additional Corrosion Management features include:

  • Calculates average rates of corrosion per circuit as well as adjusts rates per statistical scenarios.
  • Provides statistical adjusted rates based on inspection exposure and reliability of data.
  • Evaluates corrosion circuit data to determine proper circuitization.
  • Analyzes inspection frequencies to determine proper inspection intervals.
  • Calculates an estimated thickness based on any user supplied future date.
  • Takes into account safety factors and adjusts corrosion rates based on location, human hazard, flammability, and data confidence.
  • Flags data anomalies, alerts the user, and bypasses anomalies in corrosion calculations.