Plant Condition Management Software

What's New in PCMS 8

User Interface

The PCMS user interface has been updated to streamline program navigation and make frequently used actions easier to locate. The overall user experience has been greatly enhanced which makes PCMS easier to learn and train.

  • Increases screen resolution to widescreen format (1280x720).
    • Optimized for resolutions up to full HD (1920x1080).
  • Adds application skinning.
    • Select your own color palette and theme for PCMS.
  • Implements the new Microsoft Office Ribbon User Interface.

Document Management

  • Adds new in-place document viewers for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, & Adobe PDF.
  • Moves the document preview pane to the main attachment window tab so you can quickly scroll through and view documents in one place.

Library & Activities

PCMS 8 introduces a Library for all of your Reports, Filters, & Charts. You can use the new Library Organizer window to configure site and user Activities that are easily accessed from the new Navigator Panel.


  • Creates Public and Private Libraries from all of existing reports and filters that you have created with prior versions of PCMS.
  • Incorporates new Crystal Reports.


  • Organizes frequently used Library items into configurable folders.
  • Improves efficiency and makes training easier.


PCMS reports have been separated from the application and rewritten using Crystal Reports which is an industry-standard, stand-alone reporting tool. This provides users with more reporting features and streamlines the deployment of new reports.

  • Converts, or incorporates, existing legacy ACE reports into new Crystal Reports.
  • Deploys new reports via the internet without having to run a PCMS installation.

Standard Implementation

  • Adds Red Star Field Templates to provide the PCMS administrator with the ability to mark fields that are required for your PCMS implementation.
    • Create templates for equipment and component types.
    • Templates apply throughout the PCMS hierarchy.
    • Warns the user when they do not enter data into all of the required fields for the current template.


  • Adds CML Highlight feature that lets you assign colors to different CML status conditions.
  • Adds support for AutoCAD 2013.


  • Adds support for DMS GO.
  • Adds USB connectivity for DMS GO & 38DL+.
  • Adds feature to allow you to send and receive files without having the datalogger connected to your computer.
    • Receive datalogger files via email and load them into PCMS.